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LiveU Systems

We offer the opportunity to rent: - LU800-HDR (4 camera license, SDI + HDMI input, 4 x 4G, 4 x 5G modems). -LU600-HEVC with 6 5G. -the LiveU Units Lu-300 HEVC with 6 5G sim cards, or vía Internet from anywhere.Compatible with Any Camera


We have advance equipment with the state of the art technology to meet the production and transmission requirements of any type of event On live for Internet.


Editing and reporting portable services to disseminate the news or other type of Videos.

liveU in London

Who we are

7Media is a Multimedia company. We offer services such as: 

News production
AV live events
Video production
Satellite IP services


7 Media is a production company based in London that offers a variety of services worldwide.

7 Media is built around our core staff or experienced journalist, producers and media professionals.  

We offer services such as:

  – News production

  – Video production

  – AV Live events

 –  Satellite IP services


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